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It's elemental - free your self - transform your life!

ITC - Where your worldly rubber meets your spiritual road!


Intuitive Transformational Coaching in 2019 is set to light up your world! 2019 is bringing SO much energy, support and opportunity it's electrifying! I about Light us up and propel us into a new stratosphere. Did I mention it's electrifying! Well, ITC is aligned with where you are now and your being  ready to go in deep and reclaim your true self. You know, the essential part of your Self  that's been in exile for most of your life and it's time for the reveal and integration!

  • Enlightenment is an inside job. It’s both a physical and spiritual process which merges your cellular body and spiritual Light, expanding your perceptions and consciousness.
  • I invite you to live a more meaningful life, close to your own truth, the truth of your own spirit. This is your wake up call to the divine Light within you, to transform yourself, your life, to better it, to follow your destiny, your inner calling. There is no separation between you and ‘god’ and the divine essence of you. This revelation which is intimately felt, brings on a celebration, a call to action; it’s time to create something new, to stand up in your own big boots and shake off your past.

What if you were able to stand in the energy of you, really own your energy, really determine that you’ve had enough and you want to create the connection with your intuitive higher self so strongly that you became thousands of times more powerful than when you were fighting the external circumstances and people and the limiting, emotional wounds, that are still trying to have influence in your life? 

With ITC you can!

Quantum Law of You!


I teach that according to the absolute Quantum Law of ‘so within, so without’, you need to become the inner template of how your life goes.

The true Source of power and wholeness comes through sourcing life directly through ‘Source,’ which is your Higher Power and Higher Consciousness, your True Self, knowing who you really are and stop the handing away of your power, truth, values and authority to outside influences.

When you are riddled with trauma, shame and false beliefs, you don’t trust yourself. You may find it extremely difficult to have a solid connection to your inner, intuitive, innate wisdom – your Higher Self (‘God’ if you like) – which communicates to you in the form of emotions and intuition.

I quickly learned that many of my clients are intuitively gifted themselves, and not living up to their full potential. After working with me, you will.

Your intuition is the whisper you rarely hear due to all the noise around your families, social media, television and cell phones and the programmed ‘traffic’, the endless, mindless chatter of your monkey mind! 

Through my work in Intuitive Transformational Life Coaching (ITC), I guide you to tap into your own very powerful intuition. Whether you are a novice at connecting to your higher self, your soul, your spirit, your true self or have dabbled before or you’re a veteran meditator, you can develop or hone your intuitive gifts.

Well this is where all your dedication and focus will pay off. It's where the rubber hits the road, so to speak and massive changes in the way you "operate" within your experience have the potential to shift and shift BIG! It's very exciting!

This is between you and your soul; this is soul mating!


If there’s one thing I want you to take away from all that’s going on spiritually in your life right now, is that you are a beautiful, beautiful soul and you have a beautiful human being to take care of, along for the cosmic ride! 

It's time for your pure love of you & for others, to come charging through.

We get so caught up in the duality & the negativity in the dark shadows of life, that we miss out on the gold of who we deeply, truly are. We are the love we seek.

This Ascension process from 3D to 5D consciousness, is radical stuff and a game changer!

Connect with your intuition.

  • Be super clear when your energy is out of alignment
  • Recognise highest path opportunities with ease and grace; it doesn't have to be hard any more!
  • Accelerate your ability to receive crystal clear information from Source through intuition
  • Know exactly what your body needs to integrate and thrive each day 

These are exciting times indeed!

If you want to book a one-off coaching session go to the Therapy Menu page - click on 'More' in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

It's time to Embody Your Power and Light at the next level of conscious creation! 

Pam Wood offers intuitive ways  to unveil your soul's purpose. Book a consultation with me; let's dive in and get you there.

See you on the inside. Love Pam x


I hold the space for the brilliance of you❣️🥰❣️


Intuitive Transformational Life Coaching

 brings you a reminder of your soul's purpose for your life: The time is now!

And a reminder of life’s impermanence - as the Buddha said:

 “The trouble is, you think you have time”

"We have been searching for a way to break free of fear and there are no exterior ways to do that. 

We can only find that profound way of transformation within us."

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Pam Wood - Intuitive Transformational Coach

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Natural High!

It's Intuitive!

I have intuition in spades, but doesn’t everyone? Actually no. As an empath, I have unique skills that others don’t seem to have. Others' skills are special to them and to be celebrated. But you'd like to know what I can bring to the table, n'est-ce-pas? So, being an empath is a bit like being clairsentient, and I have that ability too in that I sense things without ‘catching’ the emotion. As an empath, like a clairsentient, I feel things psychically and with a heightened sense. I know what others are feeling just by looking at them. I chat with them and I can know their intentions without hearing it from their lips. I understand how they are thinking as if they were an extension of myself. It is easy for me. I know what I know. My intuition fires on all cylinders.

My work as an Intuitive Transformational Coach informs and guides you through issues related to your health, your own essential relationship with yourself and how that then informs and impacts your relationships with others, finances, habits, wounds; any one thing in your world that makes you feel unhappy, unloved or unseen and will be intuitively connected to a myriad of belief systems and patterns that go to make up your world! 

There's a whole other you just waiting to get out and break free! 

Let's discover that real you together.

“Our worth and our belonging are not negotiated with other people

We carry those inside our hearts”

Bring your questioning mind and your open heart as we explore, uncover and discover:

Who am I being? And why is that?

1) Identifying a problem & what it represents in your life. In other words, how it’s mirroring your inner world. 

2) Where in that you are not being who you really are. And why is that?

3) Who you really are in the situation is…? And why is that? 

4) And how you CAN be who you really are! 

5) In addition to the absolute magic of connecting with your higher self that comes with this information.

Prepare For Change!

What do you think about what’s going on right now? 


Tracking Your Personal Timeline 

from 3D to 5D 

"It is so shocking to realize your lost keys were in your own pocket the whole time." 

Jean-Manuel Nadeau

Look forward to seeing you on the inside! 

Lest we soon forget, we do matter, we are love, we can love, we are loved, we have much to give; we are a mass of hurts locked away for safe keeping and it's time we opened the door and stepped into ourselves. Come home to mama, baby.

The truth is that it takes us transcending the 3D to fully become 5D, and that comes not by denying that we are human, or hiding from the human experience, but it comes from FACING the human experience.  

Moving THROUGH the challenges that we're faced with: That's the only pathway to illumination and its not an easy one. Your awakening is a Human Spiritual Experience.

 It is darkness AND light, embraced AND released, wounded AND healed.

All roads do lead to Home; all roads do lead back to You. 

It's about finding the road that resonates with you at any given time on life's journey; the life you've set for yourself this time round. 

And on the other side you'll love it!

"All that you are seeking is also seeking you. If you lie still, sit still, it will find you. It has been waiting for you a long time.

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Pam Wood holds 121, in-person therapy sessions for

  • ITC - Intuitive Transformational Coaching
  • Access Consciousness - Running The Bars
  • Reconnective Healing
  • The Bowen Technique

@ Beaux Health and Wellbeing

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Intuitive Transformational Coaching is Spiritual healing

Spiritual Healing Your Deeply-Rooted Emotional Wounds

You may be troubled, puzzled and asking yourself why your emotional wounds aren’t healing? You think you’ve been working on them for what seems to be for ever but when you least expect, one of the older scars seems to rear its ‘ugly’ head, return with a vengeance and knocks you for six?

It’s like you’re being tested on your resilience; that the work you say you’ve done is done. Is it ever done, you may well ask? The emotional problems never really seem to go away; they really seem to remain deep-rooted, hiding out, dragging you further down your particular rabbit hole until a tricky scenario warrants the old-style guard to come out and deal the old losers hand.

Conditions are ten-fold and the range is mind-boggling:

Anxiety, depression, irrational fears, over-sensitivity, lack of confidence, fear of being alone, fear of being in a large group of people, phobias, difficulty sleeping, grief that won’t heal, jealousy, constantly comparing yourself to others, inadequacy, obsessive compulsive disorder, nervousness, mood swings, eating disorders and stress.

And that's just the emotional stuff! Don't get me started how our negative thoughts play an important, often devastating role in many of our illnesses and physical problems.

And  ignore them at your peril for they come back in one form or another to haunt us. 

You may be on your very last nerve! Good. You need to be! You need to be really fed up of it all and of being on the interminable not-so-merry-go-round that you're wondering for the life of you when the hell will it stop? 

Well, it won’t!

Being intellectually savvy about your ‘demonic-behaviour’, your shadow sides, won’t reach the parts your soul-healing requires. Superficially, you’ve done great. But really, madly, truly, deeply? Nah! You’re only touching the surface and not down deep and 'dirty' where the gold lies, at the deeply-held subconscious beliefs, neural level, where the goose lays its golden egg, as it were.

Learn More

There's much more to explore on the website, please roam around and get a feel to see if any of it resonates for you where you are on your journey right now.

Those limiting beliefs need to be cajoled out of hiding, brought up in your face, accepted, loved and released. If they remain hidden as they’ve always been, you’ll continue to live your life as you’ve always done.

Time for change, methinks my dears?

If you want to go a step further & check it out, click on the 'Book A Session' button below for an ITC consultation with me.

On the introductory session with me, you'll discover the fast, lasting, deeply-healing, soul techniques that are already within you and waiting for you to wake up to. 

Together we can facilitate the fast change you're ready for.

It's very oceanic!


Transform Your Life!

Join me, Pam Wood, in the Spring of 2019 for the Spiritual Healing Course Online 'Transform Your Life' 3-Month Mentoring Programme available now. Early-Bird Discount applies.The purpose of this course is not to convince you of anything, or get you to believe as I do -- only to express some new perspectives. You are then free to agree or disagree. I am not here for you to trust me; I'm here to help you trust yourself.



Lao Tse says, "There are 3 truths in life. Your truth. My truth. And The Truth."

Grab your interest? Then read on...

Hello. I'm Pam Wood, RHFP, Dip.ED, CertECBS, CMBC at The Garden of Divine Elements.

Body/Mind Therapist, Intuitive Transformational Life Coach, 

Clairsentient & Energy Healer

Phew! That about covers all bases but really, all roads lead to Rome, as the saying goes! 

I am a spiritual teacher, intuitive guide and masterful catalyst whose specialist gift is to 

  • Energetically help activate your highest vibration and help you free your spiritual connection.
  • Help you remember who you are and  reveal your forgotten soul aspects.
  • Help release restrictions and fear of the emotional wounds and shadow aspects that have long held you 'prisoner' from childhood.
  • Guide you to wholeness and personal empowerment in every area of your life. 
  • And it is all done through your acceptance and love of themselves. 

The main premise of this work is about feeling your Self-Worth. And if you don't, finding out why you don't. It's there, inside of you, we just need to bring it out.

Do you feel driven to work more, do more, be more than others?

If you answer yes to that one, it's a safe bet your lack of self-worth is driving that particular shadow, self-belief into the ground! 

Because if you feel you are worthy of love and connection, 

you have love and connection and you feel your worth.


You are about to engage in a whole-life make-over, leading to an improved body, psyche, attitude, power, presence, courage and abundance in all areas of life -- an expanded understanding that will stay with you and inform your awareness.

That awareness creates an alchemical change within your psyche, infusing your life with new clarity and energy. You will view everyday life with new eyes.

I am your personal, intuitive advisor for the 'New Age'.

 “Until you learn to name your ghosts and to baptise your hopes, you have not yet been born; you are still the creation

of others.” Marion Woodman

Without understanding yourself, meeting your shadow self, uncovering and dealing with old traumas and wounds, and integrating what you find, you won’t get very far. All of the dream work in the world will be just that: a bunch of fantasy.

By seeking to find patterns, interpreting the images that arise, and coming in contact with the fragmented aspects of yourself, my 'Transform Your Life' Coaching Course is a powerful form of self-exploration, used for deep psychological discovery and one with the potential of uniting you with your Soul’s Wholeness and ultimate purpose.

The unconscious mind is the part of our brain that contains everything we have buried away and forgotten: memories, defense mechanisms, wounds, ancestral, timeline traumas, archetypal forces or ‘sub-personalities’–you name it.

Through The TYL Programme, we are able to observe and access our unconscious mind and heal its contents as it begins to bubble to the surface.

The implications, lessons, and advice you experience with this work, will deepen your capacity to learn and grow from your own fascinating, kaleidoscopic world full of endless potential and possibility. Best of all, it provides an easy gateway to your unconscious mind. By taking advantage of this fleeting state of mind, you have the opportunity and ability to solve problems, gain guidance, and experience more peace and inner Wholeness in your world.

I have spent years researching and studying different cultures, traditions, philosophies and healing modalities from master gurus and teachers all across the world and have apprenticed with shamans, energetic healers, touch healers, psychics, medical intuitives and holistic doctors and practitioners from almost every conceivable walk of life. I have done all of this in efforts to learn and then share, as much positive and powerfully transformative information that I've had the good fortune to learn, to heal, on my own convoluted journey and with anyone else interested in building their best life possible. 

I want to help YOU make your hopes and wishes and, yes, YOUR dreams a reality and make the thought of your best life possible one that now promises your best life as probable! And, well, if having an avalanche of positivity, peace of mind and prosperity surrounding your life situations and security and comfort where your emotional/psychological set point is concerned is one of those hopes or wishes or dreams, well, you've come to the right place at the right time because THESE pages were written expressly for you!

Along the way I discovered some deeply, hidden, negative thoughts and feelings that I'd been harbouring it seemed forever; I was stunted emotionally with a bit of lack of self-confidence and a whole lot of scarcity-fear thrown in for good measure, particularly in my relationship with money and after much inner work, I was then able to release most of them, peeling back the layers of the purple onion. 

So, for that, I THANK YOU! See, I now have a new respect and relationship with the woman that I have grown to be and for the emotional abundance and the prosperity I now remember that I deserve. For that reminder alone, I am filled with gratitude and appreciation, as well as awe, to and for these teachings. I now happily and humbly pass them on to you.

The teachings & guidance presented in the 3-month 'Transform Your Life' mentoring programme and single, private sessions have been brought to fruition over a period of time through my courses, lectures and writings. I have worked with clients from all walks of life, in groups as well as one-on-one. 

The unique body of my work holds a deep well of wisdom for healing love relationships, self-healing the wounded inner child shadow, sexuality, fertility and creativity in your life, while expanding your understanding of the feminine creative language of the Universe in both the masculine and the feminine wounds.

To discover and merge with this wisdom is to uncover the depth of creative power that you possess inside yourself and to realise the true sacred union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within your soul. 

To realise there is nothing wrong with you. You came in to this, your human life, possessing the Divine Spirit within the very heart and soul of you. 

The process of mentorship in this work is a process of remembering who you really are and what you are here to do in this lifetime, drop away all the limitations that trouble and hinder you and be free to go do your best life!. 

Through the 3-month, TYL Mentoring Programme, you'll be guided to heal your limiting patterns and regenerate your soul so that you are able to take real action to manifest your highest destiny in your relationships and your life.

If you’ve found your way here and been drawn to this work then it’s a safe bet you’ve asked yourself, “What’s the main problem I’m most passionate about solving? In asking that crucial question you’ve identified the #1 most urgent problem you want to crack and are for sure committed to transforming and making the bigger impact your heart wants. You’re the one you’re looking for.

Let's find the magic in your life!

We want to get you to the place inside where you're not hustling for worthiness so you're not completely over committing and over delivering. 

You are already who you think you want to be - when you break free!

General excitement - Overall Happy!


What's something exciting that my 'Transform Your Life'

Personal Development course offers - to help you discover your inner happy, reclaim your inner genius, achieve success, love and happiness all over your life like a rash! 

Click the button below and sign up now for free eBook to get you familiar with this awesome process.

From my Boundless Light to Your Boundless Light

Close the deal


"The inner marriage between our inner masculine and inner feminine produces the Divine Birth of the inner child."

 Sandy Humby - 

Divine Feminine Wisdom

The best way to ensure a happy and successful life is to develop/tap into you higher self, your inner self and determine what your happiness and your success look like to and for, you. Your relationship within yourself will vibrantly and exponentially extend and encompass your world and the people around you.

If you stay the same, nothing will change.
If you will grow, everything around you will improve.

Personal development means developing the key, emotional intelligence that make the biggest difference to your soul and therefore, your life.


'Sing your own kind of music

Sing your own special song

Sing your own kind of music

Even if nobody else sings along...'



Or why wait until then? Book to get an early start on your own transformational path NOW! 

Click the 'Find Out More' button below

'Here for the joyous journey of getting to the heart of what your life is truly all about.

This TYL programme exposes self-limiting beliefs and presents a simple, yet effective code of personal conduct to live a life free of dis-ease, full of grace and a welcome release of your simple truths.

There is so much you/we can do.

And there's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about this work. 

I hope you enjoy yourself, the site and its content.

To find out more and/or to enquire about booking an introductory session 

For you to learn what the course will do for you 

For me to learn about you 

For you to clearly see what's going on in your life and 

For you to see how I can help guide you to your optimum wellbeing and life-balance of mind/body/spirit 

Feel free to drop me a line...Namaste. With love,

Meet pam at Woodlands castle feelgood festival 11/12 may

The Coach - The therapist


Pam Wood

Pam Wood RHFP, Dip.ED, CertECBS, CMBC.

I am gifted with Intuitive Clairsentience, (clear feeling) - in a metaphysical sense that relates to recurring physical and emotional feelings which guide our paths in this lifetime if we can but notice and interpret them. We are connected to our ascension and growth but often we need reminding of what and who we are and to dispel the fear of past stories, imprints & limitations as we embark on the light journey we are on. 

Intuitive Clairsentience is known as clear feeling and signifies Divine guidance.

As a highly attuned Empathic, I have the ability to tune in, sense, and feel other people’s emotions. I can experience a range of emotions and know why they are there and how they affect your body physically but the difference is they are not my own feelings. 

Go to the 'Book An Appointment' page top right in the drop down menu 'MORE'.


Your Coach & Therapist

In order to provide you with the best experience and treatment, get in touch after you've browsed the site and I will help match you with the right therapy for your specific issue.

I carry within me the ability to intuitively understand problems and connect to the root cause on a deep level, physically and emotionally. 

Being able to feel another person’s pain is a form of compassion yet I am able to remain apart and objective energetically. In recognising someone else’s emotions and relating them to particular ailments in the body, I am best placed to facilitate additional clearing techniques such as etheric cord cutting, to name but one, which are extremely powerful and immensely helpful for your healing.

And one other thing to know. There's nothing wrong with you - at all!


Experienced Knowledge

In 2004, I trained with Julian Baker at the European College of Bowen Studies in The Bowen Technique (certECBS).

In 2016, I trained with Dr. Eric Pearl in Basle, Switzerland and certified as a Reconnective Healing® Practitioner (RHFP). 

Most recently, I trained as an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator (ACBF).

 I am a certified Spencer Institute MIND BODY Coach (CMBC). 

I am also a teacher of Drama & French.


I hold the space for your brilliance!



Welcome to Intuitive Transformational Coaching at The Garden of Divine Elements, the website of holistic practitioner, intuitive mind body coach,  energy worker and Clairsentient, Pam Wood.

Pam is an inspired educator whose paramount intention is to facilitate the self-validation of others through re-igniting their own enlightened wisdom and mindful regard and respect of their inner world.

Can we ever be certain that our emotions are genuine? Feelings can be imitated and emotions can be fraudulent and thoughts can be pretended. We can pretend not to feel and pretend also to feel over and over again. We can practice the worst form of self-deception but perhaps we have reached the time for the truth of our feelings to show, if only in the privacy of our own hearts and minds. That is indeed enough.

Henry James said "Nothing of the senses will satisfy the Soul. The only thing that satisfies the Soul is gratitude and love."
Click on the picture here, above, to go to the Mind Body Coaching page if that's your thing and read more about the programme 

BUSTED - Broken Pieces

I guess if you've found your way here from there you are ready for a 'divine' awakening of some sort, for new possibilities, for putting the pieces back together again or for a real good shake up of what you know to be no longer a tolerable way of showing up in your world?
Here is an example of what might be going on:
Your Inner Identity has the belief, “People who say they love me abuse me.” Even though on a conscious, logical level you don't accept that belief, your subconscious/Inner Identity has firmly cemented this belief from your early years and is generating these realities in the life you're living, now.

That means you will attract people into your life who say they love you, but will ultimately abuse you. Because that’s exactly what subconscious belief systems do – generate the validity of the belief to the letter.

If you do not change this belief, you will continue this pattern for the rest of your life.

So how can you change your belief patterns?

Within my 3-part in-depth mini-course series - Transform Your Life -Coaching Programme, available March 2019

you can follow a Deep Dive Freedom Healing session that will not only locate this limiting belief, but shift it as well (as well as any other painful beliefs) by following the directions, the coaching session and the visualisation process. It is deeply connective and very effective.

Are you willing to meet the depths of your real Self in a vibration-in-your-toes connection and your awesome power unfolding?  

Do you ask yourself, ‘What's going on here?,  ‘What's happening to me?’ ‘How can I make the changes I want to make?’ 'OMG! I hate my life!' Then it is time. It's time to talk. It's time to talk to your Soul. That is where your answers of reparation, freedom and healing are. It's time to square up. But you don't need to do this on your own - come and talk to me first! 
So, your voice, is it going to be heard? Clear your throat baby and make some room for it to come into existence! 
I am definitely ready to commit to you! Why? I have stood in your shoes.

There are 3 elements in the garden: 
Intuitive Transformational Coaching and the 2 physical  elements I offer: Reconnective Healing® and The Bowen Technique complement each other in a holistic way to support this process beautifully yet they are each commensurate as stand-alone therapeutics for healing. 

LIFTED - The Mind Body Connection - All roads lead us there. Where's there? Oh Here.


There has to be a multi-faceted path to finding the depth of freedom and reconnection inside as represented in the dynamic differences and similarities in us all.There's a different process for different folks yet somehow they all lead us home; the message is the same for us all - 

You're Rockin' Awesome! 

You just need to find the way that's a best fit for you to get you to that place of recognition to embrace and embody it all...

My 3-part Transform Your Life - 'Back To Basics' Programme could be just the solution you've been looking for.

There comes a feeling of exhilaration, joie de vivre, exuberance, contentment and peace as we up the ante and as your Soul relishes the moment it inhabits its rightful place central to and in your life. 

"Think about the happiest moments of your life. Got it?

I'm confident that it will have very little to do with accumulating wealth and it certainly wasn't a moment when you were alone in your room watching TV.

I'm willing to bet that it was a moment where you did something for someone that they could not do for themselves. Or when you helped someone realise a dream. When you shared a little of you. The real you. Isn't that what life is really all about? It's never about what you had but what you did and the difference you made while you were here." Douglas Vermeeran

Your Opus is not just what you do. It will be the legacy of who you have become.

The true gift is the legacy you create in another.

What will you decide to do now? 

What will your Opus be?

This work is my Opus for me...and for you.

We all are special on this planet. We all are unique. We all have special gifts that are distinctive and individual. Recognise your gift, find your passion but then take the action of sharing it with the world.

You've just felt your fierce truth, your love for you, your compassion for you and in opening your heart to all that is you, you see you were there, waiting for you all along. How magical is that? Coming home feels good to see where you belong and the tears that flood your aching heart are washing your heartache away. There is much love in your brave, brave heart.

And in your eyes, your beautiful smile, your lovely face, I see us all. 

The divine in me bows to the divine in you - Namaste

An Awakening? 

Ah yes indeed! Breathe out!

testimonial - what they say...



Pam is an outstanding practitioner, with more letters after her name than I have ever seen!

  Pam Intuitively knows what’s going on with you and tells it like it is. She’s warm and straight to the point. 

I love her style of therapy and think everyone needs some

 Pam Wood in their lives.   


Lauren S.

there are 4 elements in the garden


Element 1 Intuitive Transformational Coaching

Once we are born into this world, we are immediately subjected to environmental, cultural and parental influences. This process of social conditioning is what lays the foundation for our deeply-layered unconscious responses to emotional and psychosocial behaviour. 

It is through the Mind Body Coaching process that together we dig to the core of your being, confront your disempowering states, habits and impulses, and from there, it is you who will metamorphose, purify and change your life for the better, in my 3-part series - Transform Your Life - Coaching Programme.

Like Siddhārtha Gautama said, “In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?”

And I would have the temerity to add - 'How deeply did you come home to you?'

It's Time!

It's time to be your wild, eccentric, authentic, genius, brilliant, expansive, liberated Self - now. You have indulged yourself a lot but you haven't loved yourself enough - the unrequited love is for the love of you that you did not give to you it's not for anyone else! You are here to bring your Self back.

“Throw away all the walking sticks and dance.” Mooji

"If you have never as yet delved deeply into past life and epigenetic generational traumas, please take it from me, they are responsible for so much of our unconscious behaviour that simply does not serve us, and they can be WAY too huge to overcome until we go inwards and find them and resolve them." Melanie Tonia Evans

the body/mind therapies

Body & Soul





It's Physical! Well, not's Energy!


Tap into your Physical/sensory (body) through your body/mind connection: 

In the physical/sensory realm, you experience fuller embodiment and learn how to tap into the genius codes of your body and your inner and outer senses. This gives you a greater intelligence with regard to your environment, your social awareness, and your ability to act and co-create with others.

 Applying Energy work in both of the body work therapies: 

Reconnective Healing


The Bowen Technique


is an element that amplifies the power of intention and is always present.

This is the art of ‘retro-healing’ – going back to the seed moment to heal and increase your chances of successfully living your best life - now!

It's Spiritual! Well, not's Energy!


Tap into your Spiritual Realm (unitive) through your mind/body connection:

 In the spiritual, unitive realm, you experience reality as interconnected and each other as part of the Oneness in which we all dwell. This shift in consciousness inspires a new way of being that changes the present story of life in the 21st Century.

It is within the deep work of your Soul Artistry that you can access the inner capacities to align yourself with the your and Earth's higher purpose and the reality of a higher truth: we live within a Cosmos that is alive, interconnected, interdependent, conscious, and seeks our partnership. 

Through treating and healing your body on the energetic level, through a raft of advanced techniques about how to use your own thoughts to greater healing effect, you connect with All That Is.

The 3 Therapies

Element 2 Reconnective Healing®


Reconnective Healing® is a hands-off energy modality that plugs us back in! To what you well may ask?

We are all of us connected to the vast energy grid surrounding our planet but that connection can get loose and lost at times; 

There are grid lines on the Earth, there are grid lines in the Universe and there are grid lines on your body. Somehow we can reconnect or bring our grid lines system into a stronger connection with the Universe - we can actually step forward into a new level of our Selves - a completely new level of healing, physically, emotionally, mentally; we can evolve as an ongoing process as we move forward.  

A single Reconnective Healing® session may be all you need to, yes, reconnect. 

 Reconnective Healing® can help bring about lasting change after just one session. 

Dr. Eric Pearl, the founder is an internationally acclaimed healer from Los Angeles 

“We suggest a maximum of three sessions, and then allowing the healing to continue to unfold on its own.”

What you need as practitioner and client equally is an openness and willingness to receive and that will not only likely change your outlook on health, it will very likely change your life itself. 

Element 3 The Bowen Technique


The Bowen Technique is a non-invasive, complementary, holistic, benchmark physical therapy. There's an aspect of emotional coaching that's targeted right alongside the treatment. The mind works in synergy with the body. It targets certain points on the body with gentle rolling movements to help it balance, repair and reset itself. There a few physical therapy schools of thinking that work on this deep level.

Clients are believed to experience energy recovery, a reduction in pain and an improvement of function.

Developed in the 1950s by Tom Bowen, this therapy is reported to help with a number of conditions and can address the symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

It is important to note that The Bowen Technique focuses on the whole person, not just the condition. Yet the Bowen therapist will know a number of movements that affect certain areas of the body. 

Often clients come to the Bowen Technique after having tried many other modalities to no avail. 

It is always worth giving the Bowen Technique a try as it has shown to trigger in many, sometimes surprising and unexpected recovery when nothing else had worked.

Element 4 Access Consciousness & Running The Bars


Access Consciousness is an energetic clearing tool, accessing Bars or points that when touched systematically in the AC process, has the capacity to clear the hidden stuff that you aren’t even aware of that is keeping you stuck! Read on to see how you can use it to change what you would like to create differently in your life.

What the Bars are

There are 32 points on your head that are energetically stimulated when sequentially touched lightly: They’re known as Bars - hence the term used, ‘Running The Bars.’

Each Bar/point stimulates energetic frequencies/waves & the corresponding emotional, stuck elements of thoughts, fears, anxieties etc., that are stored in your energy body and mind, are stimulated and transmuted to optimal performance.

You are potent electromagnetic energy, so the Bars connection process, through the energetic pathways in your brain, is a very powerful one.

Your emotions, for better or worse, touch all areas of your life through the neural pathways firing off in your brain whenever you feel; love, fear, stress, control, distress et al and where you’ve usually restrained or limited yourself, the angst is deeply felt.

When you have your Bars Run, these electro-emotional charges are now dissipated & transmutation has occurred, thus opening you to more expansive, positive-emotional choices in your life and a feeling of freedom, space and possibility.

It doesn’t get better than that!  

It's Elemental

An Element of Philosophy


Leave your front door and your back door open.

Allow your thoughts to come and go.

Just don’t serve them tea.

Dear heart, you feel heavy because you are too full of truth. Open your mouth more. Let the truth exist somewhere other than inside your body.

An Element of Mind


“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.

You trade in your reality for a role.

You trade in your sense for an act.

You give up your ability to feel and exchange, put on a mask.

There can’t be any large-scale revolution on an individual level.

It’s got to happen inside first.” 

 Jim Morrisson

An Element of Freedom


The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry in your body.

You don't know this new me. I put back the pieces differently.

Because early is too late 

Because now has already gone

Because remembering has been forgotten

Because today is in the past

Because there is no change you cannot make

Because it’s already been made 

Because you are history in the making

Because you are the one who made it.

Because you are the one you’ve been waiting for. 

PW 2017


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