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NEW 3-part TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE Intuitive Transformational Spiritual Healing Coaching Programme - RELEASE DATE - Autumn 2019!



As a Certified Mind Body Spiritual Fitness Coach (CMBC) I have a broad knowledge of mind-body concepts, strategies and methods providing coaching for a healthy Mind Body Spirit and 'doing' life successfully from the inside out is where we need to focused at right now. 

My new 'Transform Your Life' Coaching Course , the Subconscious Transformational Therapy STT programme, provides you with the missing piece of the puzzle, giving you the 3R life-tools: 

Reveal. Recognise. Reform the limited belief systems from your past with the power of your subconscious mind. 

You have all the answers you need: You are the one you've been waiting for.  

Why would you need an Intuitive Transformational Mind Body Coach?

And why would you need a Spiritual Healing Course online?

The purpose of this course is not convince you of anything, or get you to believe as I do -- only to express a new soul perspective. You are then free to agree or disagree. I am not here for you to trust me; I'm here to help you trust yourself.

You are about to engage in a whole-life make-over, leading to an improved body, psyche, attitude, power, presence, courage and abundance in all areas of life -- an expanded understanding that will stay with you and inform your awareness.

That awareness creates an alchemical change within your psyche, infusing your life with new clarity and energy. You will view everyday life with new eyes.

My mission isn’t to change you - it's to help you Remember your spiritual connection, to help you Realise your wounds & limitations holding you back, then help you Release them and the potential that’s already inside you and for you to use the genius that makes you unique just the way you are and to help you bring that magic to the forefront and centre of your life.

My mission is to guide you there - to that wise, truthful place inside you, through the tricky quicksand, through the squelchy, soggy, sodden bits and make sure you emerge intact out the other side with n'er so much as a shoe left behind sucked down into the bog. Get this! Cinderella you are not!'s in the answering of the deeper questions that takes you to the dark night of the soul and where your gold lies. Let's go clean up the illusion and delusion.

As the veil between the physical and spiritual world becomes thinner, you'll feel called to go deep within and ask let go on a cellular level, of that which no longer serves you to make way for incredible growth and an expanded perspective on your purpose in this world.

Deep within the recesses of the human mind

Are the coded memories of the true divine

Single synapse firing
Pathways of Light defined

Is only but a fraction
Of required Light refined

Your heart is but the pathway your soul your inner guide

The truth of your evolution is ever redefined

'She Travels Light' Raquel Spencer

Are you ready to go into the deep?

Click the button below and contact me to discuss my 3-part mini-course series:

'Transform Your Life' - Subconscious Transformational Therapy STT a Spiritual Healing Online Course


available Autumn 2019.

A strong sense of acceptance and integration of our personal fears, boundaries and bêtes noires are also an integral part of the process and important to acknowledge and embrace as they come up for healing; they are all part of the whole of who we are and who we've been being and for very good reason. 

There will be tears and be afraid if there are not! 

Whether you are man or woman there's no discrimination. Your hurt is your hurt and we've all of us got some buried deep inside somewhere running the show and it's better out than in!

Note to self: Getting misty eyed will be my tears for fears of stifled hurt being emancipated but I also get tears of deeply felt joy at the sheer relief of release and letting go. 



Then you can really Be who you came here to be, without what I call the 'Go Eastenders' of life dragging you endlessly around by the nose!

Go Kodak Black instead!

All roads lead us there. Where's there? Oh Here.

There has to be a multi-faceted path to finding this depth of freedom and reconnection as represented in the dynamic differences and similarities in us all.

There's a different process for different folks yet somehow they all lead us home; the message is the same for us all - 

You're Rockin' Awesome! 

You just need to find the way that's a best fit for you to get you to that place of recognition to embrace and embody it all...

There comes a feeling of exhilaration, joie de vivre, exuberance, contentment and peace as we up the ante and as your Soul relishes the moment to inhabit its rightful place in your life. 

An Awakening? Ah yes! Breathe out!

A strong sense of acceptance and integration of our personal fears, boundaries and bêtes noires are also an integral part of our process and important to acknowledge and embrace as they come up for healing; they are all part of the whole of who we are and who we've been being and for very good reason.

Bring it on!


In the introductory part of this process, we begin to explore, understand and use subconscious programming techniques to create new neural networks that support health, healing, and your other life goals; visualisation, EFT and meditation being among them which are very effective when used properly and consistently with meaningful, lasting results.These will be tools you can use throughout your process on your own.

Give your ego another job!

Do a deal with your ego.

Tell it "You stop telling lies about me. I'll stop telling the truth about you."

Whenever life does not feel very good to you, is it because your ego is running the show? You bet your ass!
We cannot get rid of the ego, instead realise it is a teacher and we are not a slave to it. The ego is a catalyst to our transformation.

We need the ego, for sure but in a healthy combination with our spirit. We need a strong emotional and practical balance and that translates as: Soul 80% v ego 20%. For a lot of people it's the reverse!

This balance filters through into a more harmonious
Mind/Body/Spirit combo through which your life moves effortlessly.

However, in order to reach that goal you need to look at how nature, nurture and a whole bevy of assorted, insidious influences coming at you from a very early age. 'Parents are the bones on which children sharpen their teeth!' And once those incisors get a hold on a way of being, you clamp down for dear life and your course is set full of trials and tribulations but oh so comfort-zoney!

 This propels the ego into the driving seat and you simply turn your face away from the desires of your heart. You have forgotten about them. You have pushed them aside. You have said, “You’re impossible. You’re too hard. So, I will try to forget about you, you desires of my heart.”

But you cannot forget about them can you? No, you can not. They are always there. They are always calling you. And for some of you, you would tell yourself that you don’t remember what they are. 

So how do you remember the dreams you put inside your heart – the dreams that your soul is always in alignment with? The dreams where your soul is always out ahead of you orchestrating your life to work out perfectly for you?

By giving your ego another job! Ego is like a big old badass Ogre. You know there's a lot more to ogres than people think. Example? 

'Ogres are like onions!' 

'They stink?' No! 

'Oh, they make you cry?' No! 

'Oh, you leave them out in the sun and they get all brown and start sprouting little white hairs?' No! 

Layers! Onions have layers! Ogres have layers. 

Ego is your ogre-layers!

In order to get down and dirty with your ogre-layers, to reveal the beautiful core that’s you at the heart of things here, you must get that sucker off your back! It won't be easy!

Distract your ego from its main fuel -
FEAR. Fear is what gets it going, turning you into a mad, boorish, loud, frantic ogre-lout, going about its ogre-lout-ish thing of being ugly, lethal, very greedy and very needy in a desperate effort to appease the anxiously disturbing death-grip of the repetitive thought-loop of that deadly, self- annihilating exterminator - I AM NOT ENOUGH. 

Give your ego yet another job! But don’t let it, for one minute, think it’s the end of the road. Nope. Just let it believe in its own publicity for the moment. It’s just the beginning and gradually as you get a grip around it's scrawny neck, its churlish demeanour will evaporate as your forward momentum gathers apace and the real you emerges from behind your amnesia wheel.

Through free-will there is divine orchestration, because there is a divine plan – for you, for humanity, for Earth, and for the Universe. There is a divine plan. You have a part to play in the divine order of things - coming home to you to take your place in the world, to realising your true purpose is a great place to start.

Contact me to discuss my upcoming 3-part mini-course series:

'Transform Your Life' - Subconscious Transformational Therapy STT ; a Spiritual Healing Online Course available Autumn 2019.

Book an exploratory Subconscious Mind Body Coaching Session with me today and see how the strategies & tools we cover can become the possibilities of permanent, lasting, subconscious, mindful change and bring you back to  life! A life you'll  love.


Crack The Rock!

What's the tip of your iceberg and the tips to finding out? Is it time for you to crack the rock open? Think about all the positive things that would happen in your life if you were free to just Be.


Write 3 of the most coveted here -

  1. I would be....................................
  2. I would be....................................
  3. I would be....................................

Identifying these would be the beginning of finding out what lies beneath - something pertinent to your cause always is, just there, just out of reach until you get it and it is out of reach no longer.

Your subconscious mind is your most powerful ally. When you touch that part of you, your intuitive soul part of you, you will see clearly that what you thought you'd lost was you all along; the truest deepest sense of you, the you you've abandoned for the longest time. This is the love you seek and the love for you that's been there always.

Your subconscious mind is your key to reach in and emerged renewed and healed. Never change how you behave to be more like others - the quest for change is far more subtle. And the beauty of this discovery? You already are who you want to Be - you just don't know it yet!


Enter The Garden of Earthly Delights - Rumi

Vague fantasies in the darkness

Comes to me before I even know 

I can’t stand it anymore

All alone in the forgotten time

In the consciousness; only full of scars

No such thing as sanity exists

I’m exhausted and fall down

Pleading for someone to hold me

I filled my starved stomach with tears

Feeding myself with my own hunger

For an old love that is lost

And gone forever

What sin did I commit to you

That you are leaving me who am helpless

Meet and part without a trace

Do you call this love a luxury

The way I am chasing the past

In the garden of earthly delights

The way I’ve been handling my problems

I’ll never be sure again

Intuitive Transformation & Spiritual Healing Online Course

Over a powerful 3-month period you’ll be:


  • Getting clear on who you truly are. 
  • Undergoing a thoroughly detailed, personal communication overhaul. 
  • ‘Shadow Work’: Understanding, re-integrating and releasing inner you/inner child.
  • Working on self-worth. Learning how to love ‘who you are’.
  • Becoming free and flexible as you learn how to drop any ‘over-control’. That's just fear talking. Learn your own language!

There'll be social media live weekly sessions where you can share with the community and where I'll answer any questions you may want to bring up then.

Generating excitement by:



  • Finding the best solutions for your life in the most creative ways. 
  • Releasing and re-setting relationships which may contain any lingering energy imbalances. 
  • Re-evaluating personal relationships: How they help or hinder you.
  • Becoming the researcher and detailed specialist of your own life. 
  • Honing your talents and natural abilities for a prosperous living

There are journal-writing, interactive Q&A sessions at the end of each section which we'll review during your live, one-to-one, monthly Coaching Skype sessions with me.

Closing the deal on:



  • Practicing abundance by allowing yourself to receive your due. 
  • Planning career moves and upgrading career structures.
  • Planning moves into self-employment, or what calls to your heart.
  • Learning about success - your version.
  • Practicing expansion and evolution and revolution. 

 Just BE YOU!
If this sounds like just the job, watch for further posts as we near the launch date in AUTUMN 2019 and how to sign up for the ground-breaking TYL course.

Or click on the link below to book an introductory session with me.

Find out more

Transform Your Life! - TYL - Part 1 - Course Structure



If you can’t find it, you can't find what you're looking for, then you're looking in all the wrong places. It does exist but it's been hidden and lost for so long, you no longer think it belongs to you. Clearly, here you'll find the bits of you that put you squarely inside your genius zone and set you on the road to freedom city are about to be recognised and liberated through the power of your subconscious mind. 

Lesson 1 - The Mother Wound - what makes you tick?

What is the Mother Wound?  

The mother wound is the effect of the pain of being a child passed down through generations of women in patriarchal cultures. 

“The mother-child relationship can be seen as the first relationship violated by patriarchy”. Adrian Rich

Women are the birth-givers, the nurturers, the carers of the children, on the whole in all cultures, globally, through the ages but the dynamics of the relationship between the mother and father can dictate how those children are treated. For bad or good.

It includes the dysfunctional coping mechanisms that are used to process that pain..

Lesson 2 - What’s the Story With Your Wounded Heart?

"We're all rejected people, we know what it is to be refused, we know what it is to be oppressed, depressed, and then, accused and I am very much cognisant of that feeling. Nothing in the world is more painful than rejection.” Eartha Kit

Whatever the horrors going on were, they left deep, insurmountable scars because you were receiving an invasive attack of monumental proportions on your psyche as a constant barrage and you were too small to fight back. But you longed for love for your wounded heart...

Lesson 3 - What’s the Emotional Connection?

 We get excited about getting a sweet deal from anyone, for anything, for approval, for love. But that has nothing to do with you and you pay too high a price...

When you’re in self-acceptance-state, your subconscious mind will guide your emotions and show you that it’s ok to be you, you’re good, you're more than ok, that you've got this and that you’re getting to the happy state inside when those good feelings stay with you and start showing up in your life on the outside. You won't have that unrelenting need to be liked/loved by others, because you won’t have and won’t need anxiety in your emotional arsenal, you won’t be upset, you won’t be any of those things that used to bring you crashing down and losing yourself in the whole sorry needy process. But you will have clarity, confidence, a self-knowing, peace and a big fat smile plastered over your face. Just be careful they don’t lock you away!

Lesson 4 - Addictive Neural Pathways For Life? OMG!

Have you opened your eyes to what you're addicted to yet? I reiterate and insist that the best way to heal your limiting beliefs, is with empathy and compassion and above all love. You have The Way: It is your subconscious mind. It can be a long process with more traditional therapies if the damage is chronic even acute but with Subconscious Transformational Therapy STT, you can be reached, you will heal, you will no longer be an 'addict' looking for love...and it is quick and painless; what's not to love!

Journaling and Q&A sections

Reinforce the release of your deepest, hidden emotions that are being revealed, examined, looked at, healed and let go; the understanding of which will set you free. Through regular journaling, meditation, visualisation and Q&A at the end of each session, your progress and process is assured.

"Healing and mastery come as we embrace all that is exactly as it is, while taking complete responsibility for our relationship with it."   ~  Dane Colby

TYL Part 2 - Course structure



‘I call forth the healing of the inner child, the embrace of the wounded little one within: Finding who ‘I’ am.'

WE have many selves, ‘split personalities’ if you will, (not in the clinically psychological way of the official definition!) that all come together energetically to form you. We are all me!

Why is this important to expose them?

To help you become fully aware of all the different shadow parts of who you are so that you can embrace all of who you really are... 

Lesson 1 - Inner Child v Adult Child

You're a child brain walking around in an adult body - you just don't know it yet! All the beliefs, ideas and needs you've got going on inside that head of yours, you've been carrying around with you in the same form, when they first formed, decades ago when you were just a wonder you've got issues today!

Lesson 2 - It’s An Insider Job

Get to Know Yourself from the Inside Out

When you resist your own depths, you let your life force wither and die inside of you; your creativity suffers, your relationships suffer, you wilt.

By opening your heart wide and listening to your truth, you can, and will, set yourself free...

Lesson 3 - Back in Time-Line

What’s a Time Line? 

The STT Time Line Technique is a psychological tool that allows you to effectively rewrite your past and pre-write your future being very firmly anchored in your present. It does this by providing you with a mechanism to change the meanings and associations of past bad experiences as well as install useful, positive beliefs for your future...

Lesson 4 - Deep-Dive Dialogue

Your adult and child need to talk! You need to open a communication line so that the two of you can begin to have a symbiotic relationship. That line needs a bridge to connect the two of you together. You need to find the heart of things between you so you can get the hurts rooted out that the inner child is clinging on to and there's no better way to that end than to open dialogue between you...Here you are bringing home the energy of your 'abandoned' inner child.

Journaling and Q&A sections

Reinforce the release of your deepest, hidden emotions that are being revealed, examined, looked at, healed and let go; the understanding of which will set you free. Through regular journaling, meditation, visualisation and Q&A at the end of each session, your progress and process is assured.

TYL Part 3 - Course Structure



As you get this far, that's a big step forward into the rest of your life being the in the best shape it's ever been because you can make it so.

It will become clear to you that the coming weeks will be where you vastly ‘mature’, move on from old childhood patterns and any worn-out angst. It is quite literally life-changing. You’ll be shown where you have self-sabotaged in the past and how to move past a mindset that has been deeply rooted in those past experiences, lies or traumas and get to a place of deep self-acceptance and love....

Lesson 1 - Shifting Old Patterns - Your Past Is Not Your Future

You have learned here that you are no longer a victim of your past circumstances. That your childhood does not define you. It robbed you. You are in control of your life now, in your present and you will create your future as a result of realising & accepting who you are. 

It has been a long road back from your fraught past and the people in it who mistreated you, but, a beautiful motto to live by is a quote from ‘A Course In Miracles’ “I send you nothing but angels”... 

Lesson 2 - Change Your Mind - Change Your World

Are you able to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re worth something? It’s not an easy thing to do let me tell you when you have an old story on repeat and it's dragging your sorry ass down. 

Here you'll learn how to reflect and go still: Tap into your intuition, your subconscious mind, your higher self, your soul, your connection to source and deep transformation occurs permanently. 

Lesson 3 - Go Your Own Way

“No one else can give you yourself”

In this lesson's worksheet, you'll roll your sleeves up and get down to it. It’s a big work and you’ll be nearly there at the end of this particular road!

The step by step exercises get you to reflect on, work through your stuff that’s come up and learn about yourself and identify specific actions for specific issues or goals that were all mixed up in your head but are clearer now... 

Lesson 4 - Coming Alive!

Where you are now, existentially-speaking, face to face with the real you, is a portal that’s always available to you. It allows you access to the darkest parts of your soul, but to enter, you have to take a deep breath, be willing to be vulnerable, and bravely dive in to the core of your being and coming alive...

Journaling and Q&A sections

Reinforce the release of your deepest, hidden emotions that are being revealed, examined, looked at, healed and let go; the understanding of which will set you free. Through regular journaling, meditation, visualisation and Q&A at the end of each session, your progress and process is assured.

TYL - Transform Your Life? That's about it - now what?

Moving On


Truth and Liberation is yours for the taking. You've healed the shame, the feeling inadequate, of not being good enough, now I urge you to fully embrace the theme of this TYL course around its central core of accepting who you really are at the centre of your Being, at the centre of your existence - the real you. Move boldly into a new way of living as that, into your freedom, into the honesty of you, co-creating your best life with your higher self every step of the way. You are SO supported in this quest.

Dream Higher Than The Sky


Nothing, absolutely no thing can stop you!

Every time you step into the TYL world and do this work, you’re re-affirming to yourself your commitment to your higher Self/Soul. With a quote or a thought to ponder at the end of a session or perhaps with a simple task to do you will grow exponentially into your own boots! “You are what you love not what loves you.” 

Your inner love of self will grow beautifully to suit only you. Your happiness will double as you extend yourself and your love then to others. You will start to feel the deliciousness of the You that is your birthright ooze out of every pore and you will be fearless, limitless, intrepid and…wise. It is time.

Bonus Section


  • Access to a private Facebook community
  • 1 - 30 minute induction call with me at the beginning of the course
  • 1- 30 minute completion call at the end of the course
  • 1- scheduled monthly Coaching call
  • 3 - Inspirational Ebooks for your journey

I will be jumping in the community to do 2 live Q&A throughout the course where you will have me answer YOUR questions live.

See you on the inside!

With love Pam


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