Reconnective Healing® transcends Energy Healing Methods

Conscious Connection: What is Reconnective Healing®?


Conscious Connection: How does it differ from other forms of healing?   Dr. Eric Pearl: "First, we need to understand that Reconnective Healing® is not about curing symptoms. Reconnective Healing® completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques and brings us in to a fuller state of balance. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not address mere symptoms. It is something much, much more. Reconnective Healing® is given when a person wishes to heal a specific issue, problem or challenge that they may be experiencing.

Understanding the Experience


Everyone's personal experience during their Reconnective Healing® sessions is different. Some clients report feeling the presence of the Divine or seeing indescribable colours whilst others feel incredible joy, bliss or just feeling very peaceful and relaxed.
Some become so relaxed, they may even just fall asleep. 

Ultimately however, whatever it is that you experience during the session doesn't really matter for you to reap the benefits. 

What does matter is the reconnection to your Higher Self and Source Energy. It may take a few days or even weeks for your energy body to fully integrate these new vibrational energy patterns and for you to start noticing the changes that Reconnective Healing® has made in your life. 

Connecting to Universal Energy


Reconnective Healing® is a process that aligns, re-attunes, re-balances and renews the meridian energy circulatory system, and re-connects our personal energy grid (meridian lines) into the grids of the planet and the grids of the Universal Source, the axiatonal lines.

 There are very powerful, tiny vortexes of Universal Energy (like mini chakras) on the surface of our body, which connect to the intersecting energy lines all around us and allow all the cells of the body to merge into one unified, energy field, also known as the "Light body".

How do you receive Reconnective Healing®?


How It's Done.

Reconnective Healing® as a progressive energy healing method and your session is done while you lie down comfortably, fully clothed, without shoes, on a massage table.  

As it's an energy healing technique that is hands-off, Pam will use her hands from a short distance, a few inches to several feet away from your body, focusing a flow of high level, fifth-dimensional healing energy,  to draw the "Axiatonal" lines in your energy field and to activate the energy. It is one of the few,dynamic types of energy healing yet it does not involve any physical contact or touching of any type.

We are part of some greater force


Source Energy

Once reconnected to the Higher Self, the "Axiatonal" lines recharge your energy body and establish a vital, inseparable and powerful direct connection with Source Energy, the origin of all healing. 

The light and information we energetically receive during the Reconnective Healing® sessions, shifts our consciousness and transforms our body, mind and spirit.

Distance Reconnective Healing®


It's All Around You All of the Time

The earth's magnetic axiotonal grid

is our connection to Source at the very core of our Being; not only are we at one but we are literally immersed and surrounded within the energy field of Source. 

These 5th dimensional frequencies originate from the very Source of the Universe, which is beyond all boundaries of space and time as we know it. 

(See next section below)

Reconnective healing and animals


Profound Healing

Reconnective Healing is a joy to bring to animals. They are “in the moment”, make no judgement on what is being offered to them and can react deeply to the Reconnective frequencies bringing about profound healings on every level.


Domestic or Wild

Reconnective Healing is suitable for any animal domesticated or wild. It does not matter if the animal cannot be approached as the frequencies can condition the space around the animal and have the same effect as if the practitioner is working directly with them.

In this way, Distance Reconnective Healing works, if practitioner and animal are at different ends of the country, although it is preferred that a practitioner be local and hands on as it were, to 'control' and direct the conditions.

The animals


Distance Reconnective Healing®

How does Distance Reconnective Healing® work?


Distance Reconnective Healing® is not only possible but equally effective as in-person sessions.

Reconnective Healing® works through energy, light and information making physical proximity a non-factor. Just as we perform in-person Reconnective Healing® without touch, Distance Reconnective Healing®  takes place through frequencies that can be transmitted regardless of location.

In fact, the non-locality principle of quantum mechanics indicates that Reconnective Healing® may even grow stronger with distance. As people on this planet, we are accustomed to thinking of things in standard three-dimensional terms.

Distance Reconnective Healing® takes place on frequencies that can and must be accessed outside of our normal physical experience. 

The energy frequencies of Source are like radio or TV signals. We are constantly surrounded by and immersed in them but can't hear or see them until we use a radio or TV device that can tune into the specific frequency of the channel we want to listen or see.

That is exactly what the energy healer does: he-she acts like a tuning device and focuses the energy healing frequencies for you, helping you to come into direct contact with this Divine aspect of yourself, which is always within you, 

Thus, Reconnective Healing® can take place with you and the practitioner in different cities or on opposite ends of the earth.

This option helps those who cannot or prefer not to travel, as well as those who would prefer to receive Reconnective Healing® in privacy.

What happens during a Distance Reconnective Healing® session?


Prior to the session, we will discuss and arrange a time. Distance healing lasts up to 45 minutes, during which time you will need to be in a quiet state of relaxation. 

After the session, we will discuss the experience or you can email me. 

As with in-person Reconnective Healing®, a Distance Reconnective Healing® session involves accessing and reconnecting the mind and body with the broad spectrum of frequencies flowing in the universe. 

The meridian lines of the body become attuned to the energy lines of the planet and the energy grid of the universe. 

 Reconnective Healing® may appear to materialise physically and also produce enhanced levels of spiritual and emotional awareness.

What to do during a Distance Reconnective Healing® Session


Distance sessions can take place anywhere. This is a time to unplug — literally and metaphysically. Turn off your phone, set aside all distractions, and retreat to a calm and relaxing space where you can reconnect with the frequencies that have previously been blocked or lost.

Abilities and illnesses do not pose an issue for successfully receiving Distance Reconnective Healing®. 

If applicable, caregivers and neighbors should be notified to avoid disturbing your tranquility during the session. Simply make sure to schedule your session at a convenient time for quietness and no distractions.

Clear minds are most receptive to distance Reconnective Healing®. 

Avoid pairing the session with any forms of meditation or thoughtfulness you might commonly use. The session is a time to let go and let Reconnective Healing® take place.

Please be aware that you may feel warm or cool sensations, tingling, or other physical sensations at various points throughout your Distance Reconnective Healing® session. 

You may wish to wear cool clothing or have a blanket ready for your comfort so as to avoid feeling distracted by any of these sensations. Relax and enjoy.


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