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More Please Pam!


After my very first ten minute taster Bowen session with Pam in 2005 I felt amazing - she has a genuinely holistic healing touch and every session since then, she has healed me and corrected my spinal imbalances to rid me of pain and discomfort. She is a most gifted lady blessed with a spiritual soul.

Last year I was fortunate enough to experience 

Distance Reconnective Healing with Pam and was blown away by the outcomes - during the twenty minute session my body was physically affected with gurgling stomach, that night I had emotional dreams and the next morning I was able to stand upright out of bed for the first time in a long time. 

More please Pam!!

Nicola P

The Real Deal!


I have found having Bowen treatments is in the category of an elite physical therapy with Pam with a bit of mental magic thrown in for good measure! I have found myself to be always mentally and physically uplifted and I feel so much better afterwards.

I feel Pam has an amazing gift of intuition and insight which she brought to bear on my problems with great perception. 

Through her guidance, I have come to understand the underlying causes and then able to resolve any inner conflict which had led to my physical imbalances.

Bowen then redressed the physical element; whilst Pam’s adept counselling skills got to the heart of the matter and rebooted the emotional;  both were an essential component and incredibly important for me in my healing journey.

Pam has indeed a holistic approach as a practitioner; she teaches that the whole person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. Thankfully she helps me to put the parts back together again.

This was very true for me. Pam explained to me that any imbalances, physical, emotional, or spiritual in my life, could negatively affect my overall health. This proved to be the case for me certainly.

I am deeply grateful to her and for her, as her approach and treatments have helped me resolve so many issues over time. Thank you Pam, you're the real deal!

Betty M

Smashes Me With A Real Desire To Delete...


Pam’s Intuitive Coaching sessions stretch me as she smashes me with a strong desire to delete my worn out ways of thinking about my every day life! And then she  leads me to the space where I can replace those old habits that are no longer beneficial to my life.

When I start to get great results she deftly heads me in the right direction to take one more reluctant step towards those pesky, unconscious beliefs and stories I've hidden behind and given great importance to my whole life. Pam's mantra? Reveal it! Redeem it! Release it!

She really gives me the impetus to do it as well as what to do about it when I get there! 

She’s my motivator and helps me to promote 'muscle' in my life so that during a session I feel like, “Yeah, ok, yeah, I want to do more of this and I get this impetus to go on that investigative rampage that Pam’s so good at eliciting from you in order. to get to the real stuff of what lies beneath. 

Then the real work begins…

If you have a strong desire to become the "real" human you know deep inside exists, and you need a bit of a helping hand to point you in that direction, talk to Pam. The guidance you will receive is not just from schooling and books but from the heart of someone who has been there, who knows how to listen to that small, still voice within and who brings forth just the right tool from deep knowledge and experience, which will guide you towards your magnificent self. Talk with Pam, you won't regret it! 

Conrad BBB

testimonials - what they say...

A Force Full of Life!


My life so far has not been an easy road, with a lot of illness both in my youth and present day. Being the youngest of four children, I had a lot to put up with in those days, always being put down and told, "you can’t achieve things."

  I was in a job being bullied daily, and today I have Cancer and breathing problems, not really listening to anyone or anything, as I went through my daily life.

Then I met Pam, a Force full of life, with time to listen to all your problems, a very kind Lady, Pam has an amazing voice, one that you never want her to stop talking. She teaches you to look at yourself, and lights up the good in you, so you start to see this for yourself. Pam awakens and heals the real you, not just in your mind, but body as well. Go see Pam now.

Jilly W

The Journey isn't easy...


Having experienced Pam’s body and mind coaching sessions for the last few weeks. I just want to say how uplifting, spiritual and beyond helpful they have been. We are all on a journey that sometimes isn’t easy or that I even understand but Pam’s insight and knowledge has been invaluable. I’m still on that journey and with Pam’s love and support I know that one day I can be rid of ‘the demons’ that hinder my life. 

A beautiful spirit and very big heart and I have been very lucky to have had Pam in my life. 

So much I could say about you.... love for your important work comes to mind. 

Thank you.

Amelia C 

Say The Word...


Once there was a way 

To get back homeward. 

Once there was a way 

To get back home 

Oh pretty baby do not cry 

And I will sing a lullaby

Golden slumbers
Fill your eyes
Smiles await you when you rise
Sleep pretty darling
Do not cry
And I will sing a lullaby.

Lennon & McCartney The Beatles